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“Connection not perfection”

Establishing calm, creative, confidence building yoga classes to keep your child like spirit curious

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Offering private, group & family tuition. We also run professional lessons for schools.


Benefits Of Yoga

Catered for children

Physical Expansion

A great benefit of Yoga is the increase in flexability, strength and stability you gain from it. Greatly reducing the risk of injuries if used to compliment other sports training.

Relaxing Your Mind

Yoga helps children manage their anxiety, improves emotional regulation & boosts self-esteem.

Mental Aptitude

Yoga can dramatically increase a child’s concentration and memory which can transfer over to helping with their academic studies and activities.

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If you would like to register for a beginner taster session, please fill in the information below and I will be i touch.

Our Trainer


Danielle Hutchinson

Yoga Instructor





Classes & Prices


Much needed family time for you all to enjoy. These classes work on connecting with each other in a care free no pressure environment


A little break for the children, these classes teach them how to combine movement with breathing, creativity and to listen to their body’s needs


I offer private One to One sessions for children and adults alike. These sessions will be tailor made to work with your own personal requirements