Person to person and online lessons

Due to current circumstances in the world, I now offer online lessons. Please feel free to enquire about them.

Our Yoga Classes

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A mental respite for the children. These classes teach them how to combine movement with breathing, to listen to their body’s needs and help nurture creativity.

Some benefits will include:      

·Improved Sleep

·Improved sense of self

·Increased mobility/ flexibility

·Emotional well being

·Coping strategies

·Improved confidence


Much needed family time for you all to enjoy. These classes work on connecting with each other in a care free, no pressure environment,

Some benefits will include:

·Improved trust in yourself & others

·Improved sleep

·Improved flexibility/mobility        

·Improved relationships with ourselves & loved ones


If you’re looking for a non egotistical zero pressure approach too yoga, I’m your girl. These classes bring you back too working with your inner child, expect to feel refreshed, revitalised and rested in both body & mind.

Some benefits will include:

·Improved sleep  

·Increased mobility/flexibility

·Improved strength

·Improved circulation & digestion


I offer private lessons for you & your family, or if requested 1 to 1 sessions for adults and children. These sessions work with your own personal requirements. Private sessions will be tailor made to fit your every need.

Some benefits will include:

·Deeper understanding of your body

and needs

·Working on the areas that you require

·Deeper connection too breathe & mind

·One to one support

School Lessons

For information on school visits please click the link below.